Associate Members Influence and Participate In Change

Introduction to Associate Membership

When you join the TxPUSH SIG, you join a strong organization that not only helps grow your business but also gives you an opportunity to influence the direction of TxPUSH™ technology. TxPUSH SIG members are crucial to the success and proliferation of the technology and the SIG organization is here to help and support them every step of the way.

Who should join?

Any company considering using TxPUSH technology in its products should join the SIG—membership is for companies, not individuals.

Your company should be a member of the TxPUSH SIG if it:

  • Uses TxPUSH technology in its products and services
  • Leverages the TxPUSH brand in its products and services
  • Rebrands products that use TxPUSH technology

Membership has its privileges. If you’re a Fintech application developer or Financial Institution, your membership in the TxPUSH SIG not only helps you learn more about the technology and network with other experts, but can help you get your product to market faster and easier.

Start with Adopter Membership — it’s FREE

As an Adopter member of the TxPUSH SIG, you immediately gain:

  • The right to a license to build products using TxPUSH technology.
  • The right to a license to use the TxPUSH trademarks.
  • The ability to network and collaborate with other TxPUSH SIG members.
Take Your Membership to the Next Level as an Associate Member

Are you already a member of the TxPUSH SIG and prepared to shape the future of TxPUSH technology? Take the next step by upgrading your membership to Associate level. Associate members gain the opportunity to engage in market-defining activities within TxPUSH SIG working groups.