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​When you join the TxPUSH SIG, you join a global organization that not only helps grow your business but also gives you an opportunity to influence the direction of TxPUSH technology. TxPUSH SIG members are crucial to the successful development and proliferation of the technology.

Who Should Join?

Any company considering using TxPUSH technology in its applications should join the SIG. Membership is for companies, not individuals.

Your company should be a member of the TxPUSH SIG if it:

  • Uses TxPUSH technology in its products and services
  • Leverages the TxPUSH brand in its products and services
  • Rebrands products that use TxPUSH technology

Membership has its privileges. If you’re considering using TXPush technology, your membership in the TXPush SIG not only helps you learn more about the technology and network with other experts, but can help you get your TxPUSH-enabled product to market faster and easier.

Two SIG Membership Types

Start With Adopter – it’s FREE

Adopter Membership is open to any firm, corporation or other legal entity. Adopter Members have no right to participate in or chair any working groups of the TxPUSH SIG. Adopter Members have no voting rights on corporate matters. More

Become an Associate Member

Associate Membership is open to any firm, corporation or other legal entity. As determined by the Board of Directors, Associate Members may be permitted to participate in working groups of TxPUSH SIG and certain subclasses of Associate Members may be permitted to nominate representatives to be chairpersons of working groups. Chairpersons of working groups have certain rights to vote on matters relating to the working group. Associate Members have no voting rights in regard to corporation level matters. More

About The TXPush Special Interest Group (SIG)

The TxPUSH SIG is a not-for-profit, non-stock corporation that empowers its member companies to collaborate, innovate and guide TxPUSH technology.

The TxPUSH SIG works to publish the TxPUSH specifications, administer the Product Qualification Program(s), protects the TxPUSH trademarks, and evangelize the TxPUSH technology. SIG headquarters are in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

In addition to Adopter and Associate-level members, the organization is led by a group of Promoter Companies who are engaged in the development of TxPUSH technology, and each is represented on the TxPUSH SIG Board of Directors.